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Oscars: Bringing the Red Carpet Home

The Artist Cleans Up

The Artist took home prizes for Best Picture, Director, and Lead Actor (among others). See what our Guide to Movies had to say about the film's big night.

It's All About the Look

The 2012 Oscar Red Carpet

See who looked best, then vote for your pick.

2012 Golden Globes

Who won the red carpet at the Golden Globes? You decide!

Emma Stone on 'The Help'
Emma Stone in 'The Help'

Novel-Turned-Film Earns Four Nods

Our Guide to Movies visited the star on set to discuss making The Help, how she got the part of 'Skeeter', and the film's Mississippi backdrop.

Thanking the Academy

Colin Firth's Speech

Find out if he stuttered.

Randy Newman wins for 'Toy Story 3'

2 for 20 ain't so bad, right?

Cast Your Ballot

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