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Host an Oscar Party at Home

Hosting tips, easy recipes and quick cocktail ideas to host a fabulous Oscar party at home.
  1. Recipe Ideas (18)

Throw a Glamorous Academy Awards Party
Dare to be grand and bring the dazzle of Hollywood right into your living room.

Creating a Great Drink Menu
Plan designated drink options instead of feeling you need to stock the entire bar for guests.

Learn to Make a Basic Cheese Platter
Instructions and suggestions for a simple, delicious cheese platter

Celebrate with a Trendy Thai Menu
With its sensual array of flavors and spices, Thai makes a hot party food option.

Oscar-Worthy Foods for Kids
Easy, festive and delicious, this Oscar party menu is perfect for the kids joining in on the fun.

Money Saving Party Ideas
How to plan a party that fits in your budget.

8 Easy Steps to Prepare Your House
Don't break your back all day; these steps will get your home party-ready in a jiffy.

How to Pair Beer and Food
Have you ever tried pairing food and beer? Brewmaster and author Garrett Oliver shows you which beers go with salty, spicy, and sweet foods.

Make Your Own Buffet
Easy buffet party ideas so your guests can just serve themselves.

Go the Potluck Route
For those whose love of movies is stronger than their love of cooking.

How to Pair Wine and Cheese
With today’s expanding options for wines and cheeses, pairing decisions can be staggering. Here's a starting point.

Fake a Clean House in 20 Minutes
Lose track of time and now people will be arriving any second? Never fear.

Host a Last Minute Oscar Party
Simple recipes for Friday and Saturday will free up time for you to prepare for Sunday's big night.

Have More Fun at Your Party
How to reduce the party planning work and stress and increase your enjoyment.

Hosting a Greek Oscar Party
Fabulous mezethes, desserts, and beverages to throw a fantastic Oscar shindig.

Enjoying Wine and Food
Which wines wash down which foods the very best.

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